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We fund legal claims around the world and operate in Europe and Canada

Claims Funding International is a litigation funding company dedicated to helping claimants around the world gain access to justice. We do this by funding multi-party cases in appropriate jurisdictions globally, and by working on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct, typically cartel and securities actions. Our mandate is to identify, fund, manage and resolve multi-party litigation i.e., cases in which significant numbers of claimants may be involved.

Many individuals and companies have legitimate legal claims, but they do not pursue them due to the financial burden and risks typically associated with litigation. The funding that we provide enables victims of corporate misconduct to seek justice and reparation, without the risks, costs and inconveniences of managing the litigation themselves.

Claims Funding International is owned by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers—Australia’s leading class action law firm. The firm employs more than 1100 staff across Australia and has conducted all five of the largest class action cases in Australian legal history, resulting in more than $2.5 billion obtained on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct.


Take the risk out of commercial litigation.

Provide a clear path to Justice

Provide a clear path to Justice

Many individuals and companies with legitimate legal claims do not seek justice owing to cost and risk. We help by assuming the risks and costs involved in litigation, helping ensure genuine claims are heard.

Improve Corporate Behaviour

Improve Corporate Behaviour

By litigating on behalf of the victims of corporate misconduct, we help to raise the standards of corporate behaviour across the globe.

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Experts in litigation funding

When the biggest names in plaintiff and class action law turn their hand to litigation funding – that’s who you want on your team. Our experts have the resources and track record to oversee funding claims of all sizes and legal budgets. 

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